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MAXIMIZE your skincare routine by incorporating this crystal roller to massage your skin.

Facial rolling is a popular facial massage technique that promotes a healthy, glowing complexion.

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The Chinese have been using jade for centuries to massage the skin, lymph channels, and muscles. Used frequently, a jade roller is meant to TONE THE SKIN and give facial muscles a 'workout.

Dark under-eye circles are reduced, toxins are removed and the lymphatic system is stimulated. The double-ended rollers allow you to cover both broad and fine detail areas EFFECTIVELY.

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Why use Ovaio Roller ™ ?

Plain and simple – using our Ovaio Roller helps to reduce inflammation and puffiness of the skin, reduce the appearance of under-eye circles (especially if the roller is cold), stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation, brighten the complexion, tightening pores, help reduce the appearance of fine lines, and allow skincare products to penetrate more deeply.

Aside from these benefits, many people find it a great way to relax and get in “bedtime mode” after their skincare routine in the evening.

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Multiple health and anti-aging properties.

Multiple health and anti-aging properties.

To many benefits to count

  • Reduce Toxins - Gently massage the hypodermis (the tissue beneath your skin). This stimulates the lymphatic system which reduces toxins by draining them, which stops them from infiltrating your outer skin layer making it look dull. Your complexion will GLOW!
  •  Forehead: Wrinkle Reduction - Focusing on your forehead and side-eye area will target the wrinkle-prone areas. The reduction in toxins and increase blood supply to these areas will make the skin brighter and tighter - drastically reducing wrinkles.
  • Eyes: Dark Circle Treatment - Focusing on your under-eye area will drastically reduce dark circles and puffiness which can cast a shadow under your eye.
  •  Healthy Blood Supply - Our included Gua Sha scraper hugs the contours of your face and body which stimulates a healthy blood flow to your skin. This is clinically proven and if you treat your skin daily it will become radiant.

what our customers say


"I keep mine in the refrigerator. My daughter uses hers for face mask application, which works well according to her, but I use mine for when I have bad tension headaches. The coolness rolling over your forehead in a repeated motion really helps relieve some of the pain. I roll it under my eyes where my sinuses are, along with my temples as well, apply light pressure as I roll it. It's a game changer especially for hotter weather and a headache hits."

Lea P. Ovaio Roller Customer


" The Ovaio Roller so nice and soothing on the skin, and the gua sha stone is lovely for easing tension in my shoulders. The roller itself stays relatively cool in the cold/winter months even without putting it in the fridge, and my skin feels a lot more loose and tension free after using it in the mornings. I would highly recommend it."

Jasmine A. - Ovaio Roller Customer

 " Money well spent!!" 

"It has not only helped my skin look and feel younger, but it has also helped me when I had a sinus infection. TMI but if you roll under your eyes, away from your nose, it helps clear out all the mucus. Great purchase. I have used it every other day and switch with morning and night."

Sally D. - Ovaio Roller Customer

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